Your planning system for:

90% fewer stockouts

40% gain in sell-through

5% growth in margin

Fueled by AI and live sales data, Makeke’s next-generation merchandise planning platform helps brands get inventory right.

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What is Makeke?
Everything you need to order and plan better

Live data

Rapidly integrate your ERP, POS, and other systems to automate a live sales and inventory data flow for accurate planning and time-sensitive decisions.

Assign tasks

Streamline your workflow by assigning tasks to team members and tracking progress in one place.

Focused data

Visual workflows put the data and charts you need in one location, so you can make efficient decisions without jumping across multiple spreadsheets and tabs.

Flexible configuration

Fast and straightforward to implement, our platform establishes a best practices foundation and adapts to your specific needs.

Scenario modeling

Determine the best strategy for your business growth by rapidly modeling parallel scenarios fueled by live sales data.

Supply-chain collaboration

Maximize supply-chain efficiency by securely collaborating with your partners in real time, capturing critical information in one location rather than fragmenting it across emails, text and Slack.

Monitoring & alerts

Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time alerts and monitoring, so you can act quickly and keep your business running smoothly.


Protect your data with our secure platform that ensures your information is safe and only accessible to those with permission.

Easy to set up

Quickly onboard your team and start planning better with our intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Makeke AI

With Makeke’s groundbreaking AI platform, your collective planning intelligence will grow in-house and stay in-house.

  • Enhanced forecasting to determine precise quantities, timing, and locations for product needs
  • Automatically initiate re-ordering, re-balancing, and allocation
  • Reveal patterns, trends and anomalies, and signal actions
  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming data tasks

Use Cases

Makeke’s next-generation merchandise planning platform helps brands get inventory right.

Merchandise planning

Strategically manage and optimize product assortments to meet customer demand and maximize sales and profitability.

Demand forecasting

Predict future customer demand using historical data and advanced analytics to inform inventory and supply chain decisions.

Assortment allocation

Allocate the right products to the right locations to optimize sales and meet local demand preferences.

Inventory replenishment

Ensure timely restocking of inventory to maintain optimal stock levels and prevent stockouts or overstock situations.

Inventory rebalancing

Redistribute inventory across distribution channels to balance stock levels and meet varying regional demands.

Scenario modeling

Create and analyze various business scenarios to evaluate potential outcomes and inform strategic decision-making.

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